About me

Lisa Maria Romans is a billingual, German-born American singer/songwriter, street artist, and painter who moved to Brooklyn, 

NY at the age of eighteen to pursue her dreams as an artist. 

Surrounded by musical and creative talent since birth, Lisa  fell in love with sound and creative expression at a young age. 

As a kid in the Bavarian Alps, she was rarely seen without her Instruments. As a teenager in the Black Forrest the instruments 

were replaced with headphones and a paintbrush. 

Lisa has been writing/recording, and exhibiting her paintings/murals all across Europe and the United States since the age of thirteen. 

She believes in a world filled with love and peace where art and music play a major role in connecting people. 

This lead her on her journey to pursue a Masters in Art Education at Colorado State University-Pueblo. 

She currently resides in Colorado and is working on her degree.

She attended both Pratt Institute and Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and holds a BFA from MCAD.